Furniture Refreshment Service

Have you ever thought your furniture looks a bit...plain?

With our furniture refreshment service, you don't need to throw out the old to make way for the new! From painting to sanding to decoupage, we offer a professional service that will leave your old furniture feeling fresh and updated. Scroll down to see the range of services we offer!

This is our most popular service; with a vast range of shades and colours available you can match your furniture with any colour scheme you like! Simply choose from our range of colour swatches in-store and we'll do the rest. First we prepare the item by hand sanding any rough patches. Then, we add a layer of paint primer. Once that has dried our experts then add a layer or two of our industrial-strength spray paint. Multiple colour choices are available for a thoroughly modern feel.

Sanding is a wonderful way to make your furniture smooth, fresh and back to basics. Through the use of electric sanding machines as well as hand-sanding, we are able to remove some cosmetic stains and bring a fresh feel to solid wood pieces. We use several different grades of sandpaper to achieve this desired effect, and always finish off with our electric buffer to enhance the smoothness and give it a shine.

This service is exceptional when married up with our painting service as we can paint certain parts of the piece to match in with your choice of design.

Waxing is a great tool to have in your upcycling arsenal; we are proud to use Fiddes Wax on all our waxed products. Available in several colours, a little definitely goes a long way provided you don't run out of elbow grease! 

Wax is not only great on wood products; we use it on some of our metal products too! From tables to tin trunks, it gives a great shiny finish plus that extra layer of protection.

Staining is a great way to cover up any blemishes on a piece, yet still have it looking a natural colour. From clear stain to darkening colours, our stain finish is free from drip marks and is available in a variety of colours depending on your desired colouring effect. As with all our staining jobs, we ensure the piece is treated with a woodworm repellent to further protect the wood. From chairs to bookcases, this treatment is available for a wide variety of pieces.

Decoupage is a wonderful way of creating a unique piece that perfectly reflects your environment around you! We use high quality decoupage paper and can create a great unique piece from your choice of design and paper. This service is exceptional when married up with our painting service as we can paint certain parts of the piece to match in with your choice of decoupage design.

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