Have you ever thought your furniture looks a bit.....plain?
Ever fancied updating your rooms?
With our furniture refreshment service, you can say goodbye to the need to throw out the old to make way for the new! From painting to sanding to decoupage, we offer a dedicated professional service that will leave your old furniture feeling fresh and updated. Scroll down to see the range of services we offer!

This is our most popular service; with a vast range of shades and colours available you can match your furniture with any colour scheme you like! Simply choose from our range of colour swatches in-store and we'll do the rest. First we prepare the item by hand sanding any rough patches. Then, we add a layer of paint primer. Once that has dried our experts then add a layer or two of our industrial-strength spray paint. Multiple colour choices are available for a thoroughly modern feel.

Sanding is a great tool to use to make your furniture smooth, fresh and back to basics.